Tue. Touch: Hydro – It Gives a Different Kind of Boost (1-min read)

So, I bet a few folks thought this post was about hydroponic growth of herbs. GOTCHA!! Although that topic is very interesting [and may be covered another time], this post is about hydro-, the Greek root word for water, and all of its supreme benefits for our bodies. See below.   Water is used: To … Continue reading Tue. Touch: Hydro – It Gives a Different Kind of Boost (1-min read)

Tue. Touch: 1st Impressions – Summer Skin Care

High-noon sun and little water make way for a perfect desert.  This isn't what we want for our skin.  Hydrate - keep your skin supple by drinking plenty of water.  Exfoliate - remove mature skin cells at the skin's surface by using reliable products.  I like natural ingredients (ex. sugar, ground almond, loofah); they are great … Continue reading Tue. Touch: 1st Impressions – Summer Skin Care

Sun. Spirit – Create Your Bliss

Creation begins with thought... Imagine/visualize what you desire.  Audible sound has an energy and frequency... Speak your intentions clearly so that the vibration ripples and resonates into the world.  Experience requires action... Do the things that will prepare you to receive and enjoy those desired things as they come into existence. Create the environment to enjoy the people, … Continue reading Sun. Spirit – Create Your Bliss

Good Night Moon

Researchers  have noted that poor sleep habits (and even social skills) are often related to over-stimulation from our technology devices.  Suggestions to remedy the problem include turning off the TV, gaming systems, and cell phones at least one hour before bed. Ironically, the speak-to-text function of my smart phone is being used to enter this … Continue reading Good Night Moon

Is isolation a good thing?

Being detached seems so isolated. On the contrary, it often offers time for reflection. Can you detach - from shopping, social media, TV, family, friends, athletic activities, and the like? Do you feel comfortable in the quietness of solitude? Most people haven't had the experience. Most people don't know how to create a place of … Continue reading Is isolation a good thing?

Evolving Wellness Center

Social - Youth Outreach Social responsibility comes in many forms: care for the environment, education, elder support, and more.  Evolving Wellness Center is a nonprofit organization that I recently founded.  It's designed to provide enrichment programs and activities for youth and underserved populations to promote life skills development and cultural awareness. Target populations are at-risk youth … Continue reading Evolving Wellness Center