Mon. Minder: This Day, Reverence is Yours

Memorial Day pays respect to the United States soldiers who serve(d) our country, especially the individuals lost in battle.  Thank you - watchman at the post, warrior on the battlefield, sailor in the seas, air transport & protection in the skies, medics inside and beyond the doors of the health centers, administrators that manage organizational … Continue reading Mon. Minder: This Day, Reverence is Yours

Wed. Word: Resilient – spring back; rebounding.

Are you resilient or did you get stuck?  Resilient also means "returning to the original form or position after being bent, compressed, or stretched" according to We are all bent, compressed, or stretched every day.  Relationships exist at every level (social, familial, corporate, environmental, biological, etc.), and each relationship must be managed with flexibility.  That … Continue reading Wed. Word: Resilient – spring back; rebounding.

Fri. Flirt: 5 Love Languages

"The 5 Love Languages" by Gary ChAffirmations an excellent book! It identifies the 5 different ways people receive/experience love: Physical Touch Words of Praise / Affirmation Acts of Service Quality Time Gifts Know what motivates you and the people around you and life becomes so much sweeter - especially with your sweetie.