Fri. Flirt: Fast Food Isn’t a Gesture of Love

Fast food is convenient: it's quick, doesn't take much thought, and the taste is mediocre.  Is that what you think of yourself?  If not, don't feed yourself junk. It's the wrong message to yourself - and to the ones you love. Take time to prepare.  Expect wholesomeness. Get value (not just bang) for your buck. … Continue reading Fri. Flirt: Fast Food Isn’t a Gesture of Love

Tue. Touch: 1st Impressions – Summer Skin Care

High-noon sun and little water make way for a perfect desert.  This isn't what we want for our skin.  Hydrate - keep your skin supple by drinking plenty of water.  Exfoliate - remove mature skin cells at the skin's surface by using reliable products.  I like natural ingredients (ex. sugar, ground almond, loofah); they are great … Continue reading Tue. Touch: 1st Impressions – Summer Skin Care

More Than a Hill o’ Beans – Excellent Uses for Coffee

DID YOU KNOW COFFEE IS GREAT FOR GARDENING?  Click HERE for details (article courtesy of Youngevity). HAVE YOU WONDERED WHY COFFEE SMELLS SO GOOD?  New studies show how the aroma affects genes and proteins in our brain.  See this article link at WebMD. HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY WITH COFFEE?  Stocks are an option.  Trying the Youngevity … Continue reading More Than a Hill o’ Beans – Excellent Uses for Coffee

Bodywork – Aromatherpy

Sharing my love of the body and all things wellness! Enjoy this Spring 2017 issue of "Body Sense." (Courtesy of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals) #ABMP #aromatherapy #trauma #stretching

Disabilities are like Gift Boxes

People come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ability levels.  However, abilities and disabilities may be seen or unseen.  Think of it like gift boxes: some are small, large, heavy, or light.  The package can be wrapped with beautiful paper or it can be drab and messy.  Do you know what's inside the gift box?  Sometimes … Continue reading Disabilities are like Gift Boxes

Energy Work & Healing

As a massage therapist, I practice various modalities for bodywork.  Energy work is one of those modalities.  It is a great way to offer service to those who cannot receive traditional massages due to health conditions like uncontrolled high blood pressure, severe fibromyalgia, or a discomfort with touch.Energy work serves to stimulate and/or channel the … Continue reading Energy Work & Healing

Evolving Wellness Center

Social - Youth Outreach Social responsibility comes in many forms: care for the environment, education, elder support, and more.  Evolving Wellness Center is a nonprofit organization that I recently founded.  It's designed to provide enrichment programs and activities for youth and underserved populations to promote life skills development and cultural awareness. Target populations are at-risk youth … Continue reading Evolving Wellness Center