Wed. Word: Puffery 

No, puffery isn't what your eyes look like during allergy season...  Puffery is undue or exaggerated praise; publicity, acclaim, etc., that is full of undue or exaggerated praise (  We all have a friend or neighbor who is full of it. If you can't think of one, that person is probably you;-). Be well! #learning #education … Continue reading Wed. Word: Puffery 

Sun. Spirit – Create Your Bliss

Creation begins with thought... Imagine/visualize what you desire.  Audible sound has an energy and frequency... Speak your intentions clearly so that the vibration ripples and resonates into the world.  Experience requires action... Do the things that will prepare you to receive and enjoy those desired things as they come into existence. Create the environment to enjoy the people, … Continue reading Sun. Spirit – Create Your Bliss

Discovering Back Yard Adventures – An Auction House

Routine days normally offer varying gradients of ennui at best.  While work schedules, social events, and a menagerie of tasks usurp untold hours, little adventures can be discovered in unsuspecting places.  Exploring areas and activities that aren't so far away from our own back yards provide excellent opportunities to enjoy our world. For those who live or vacation … Continue reading Discovering Back Yard Adventures – An Auction House

Learning to Self-Publish (Creation – An Expression of Self)

Everyday we should be learning something. I'm a firm believer in that philosophy. I've spent most of June - and now half of July - trying to learn the art of self-publishing. It's been a tiresome experience, yet very rewarding. (affiliated with gave me great a great first-hand experience with creating. The publishing … Continue reading Learning to Self-Publish (Creation – An Expression of Self)

Breakfast Musings on Patience

Sunday is my day of repose.  It normally starts with a quick prayer; a walk with my dog (and more prayer & meditation); and breakfast.  Today's brunch was a great creation: potatoes sauteed with sazon and fresh basil, turkey scrapple, an egg, and pink lady apple wedges.  All of it prepared with patience and savored … Continue reading Breakfast Musings on Patience

Evolving Wellness Center

Social - Youth Outreach Social responsibility comes in many forms: care for the environment, education, elder support, and more.  Evolving Wellness Center is a nonprofit organization that I recently founded.  It's designed to provide enrichment programs and activities for youth and underserved populations to promote life skills development and cultural awareness. Target populations are at-risk youth … Continue reading Evolving Wellness Center