Fri. Flirt: Fast Food Isn’t a Gesture of Love

Fast food is convenient: it's quick, doesn't take much thought, and the taste is mediocre.  Is that what you think of yourself?  If not, don't feed yourself junk. It's the wrong message to yourself - and to the ones you love. Take time to prepare.  Expect wholesomeness. Get value (not just bang) for your buck. … Continue reading Fri. Flirt: Fast Food Isn’t a Gesture of Love

Wed. Word: Resilient – spring back; rebounding.

Are you resilient or did you get stuck?  Resilient also means "returning to the original form or position after being bent, compressed, or stretched" according to We are all bent, compressed, or stretched every day.  Relationships exist at every level (social, familial, corporate, environmental, biological, etc.), and each relationship must be managed with flexibility.  That … Continue reading Wed. Word: Resilient – spring back; rebounding.

Sun. Spirit – Create Your Bliss

Creation begins with thought... Imagine/visualize what you desire.  Audible sound has an energy and frequency... Speak your intentions clearly so that the vibration ripples and resonates into the world.  Experience requires action... Do the things that will prepare you to receive and enjoy those desired things as they come into existence. Create the environment to enjoy the people, … Continue reading Sun. Spirit – Create Your Bliss

Bodywork – Aromatherpy

Sharing my love of the body and all things wellness! Enjoy this Spring 2017 issue of "Body Sense." (Courtesy of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals) #ABMP #aromatherapy #trauma #stretching

Subaru Offers Love Advice

"Love, it's being there when you're needed most."  This is the opening statement for an emotional 2017 Subaru commercial.  It touched me more than anything today. As I strive to be consistent with social media posts, sometimes I fall short.  Laughably, this post was meant for Friday... and it's gonna appear in the wee hours … Continue reading Subaru Offers Love Advice