Tue Touch: Count Down Before Losing It!

Found a great calorie counting website/app to help weight management.  Go to http://www.fitwatch.com for a great tracking tool.  I'm counting down before I lose the weight!


Brain Blowing

Crash: glass & metal collide.  Life: connections & severances reside.  Joy: peaks & lows balanced.  Character: moral fiber & base nature challenged. Thoughts: fluid & random flowing.  Self: strength & weaknesses knowing.  Plans: made & broken routinely.  Success: perception & palpable seemingly. Now: temporary & present placed.  Will: weak & strong tastes.  Power: resources & … Continue reading Brain Blowing

Tue. Touch: How To Find The One…Therapist That Is

This is a blog post worthy of attention.  There are great resources here. If you need support, get it.  No judgement.  We all need a help getting off the floor sometimes...  https://wp.me/p95FyU-fZ

Thu. Think: Invest in Failure and Flip to Success

“Winners are not afraid of losing. losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.” - Robert T. Kiyosaki  Hard times are a friend to all.  How we choose to address those hard times determines our character.  Is your hardship a failure or an opportunity for a flip? … Continue reading Thu. Think: Invest in Failure and Flip to Success