Fri. Flirt: Pink is Sexy – Attract Love Your Way 

Pinks and reds are iconic colors for love. Add a quiet splash of pink to your outfit, your bedroom, or even your office and it is believed to positively influence/attract more of the love you desire.  While Western tradition offers great emphasis on preparing for the professional and material success in life, very little attention … Continue reading Fri. Flirt: Pink is Sexy – Attract Love Your Way 


Tue. Touch: 1st Impressions – Summer Skin Care

High-noon sun and little water make way for a perfect desert.  This isn't what we want for our skin.  Hydrate - keep your skin supple by drinking plenty of water.  Exfoliate - remove mature skin cells at the skin's surface by using reliable products.  I like natural ingredients (ex. sugar, ground almond, loofah); they are great … Continue reading Tue. Touch: 1st Impressions – Summer Skin Care

Fashion: Black Lives Matter Prom Dress

Thought is was worth sharing...  People have been subjected to so many atrocities and ill-will.  It's nice to see fashion expressing social ideas. Black Lives Matter Prom Dress   #BlackLivesMatter #PromDress #AfricanQueens #SocialArt ~picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

MAC Makeup Fav

Like having a classic white Rolls Royce, the ability to apply makeup artfully is also on the wish list.  A love of color, imagination, and change can be wielded with a brush stroke. From one who is less than an aficionado, MAC products is my top pick for their color range & quality.  Nothing less than a stunner … Continue reading MAC Makeup Fav