Sun. Stunner: Professional Photography Transcends Status Quo & Puts Your Best Face Forward

Image IS important.  The visual impression is what registers first – not personality, not spirituality, not a bank account balance, nor a board room status.  The eyes generally receive information first.  Additional information is gathered by the other senses in concert or after the initial visual que.  Image is the prerequisite for imagination – the mental creativity that determines what people perceive.  Appeal is the ultimate goal.  That’s why the male peacock has such a beautiful plume, and the colors are stunning!

What’s your mental image of someone with special needs?  It’s probably not the picture displayed on this post. Nonetheless, that picture, most certainly, represents the special needs population.  That photograph is one that portrays me – a woman with disabilities – with my best face forward.  Hopefully the images will help change the face of special needs individuals – and create more modeling opportunities.

Managing chronic illness is a daily challenge.  In my case, hyper-sensitivity to many kinds of stimuli (ex. light, sound, and odor) can make a simple conversation or a walk at the shopping mall unbearable.  Most times, I must sit in quiet, dimly lit spaces to manage my symptoms.  Attempting a professional photo shoot was a challenge to stretch myself beyond normal limits and to explore any possibilities that may open to me.  Fortunately, my photographer was willing to share the adventure with me… 

Simple things were a mystery: How much time & patience will be needed?  Are lights & posing possible?  What combination of medicines might be needed to endure the session?  These were the reality-based questions that swirled and fluttered among the whimsical fancy of modeling (at 40+ years of age)…  Is there a place for people like me, where ability differences often have a negative connotation?  More importantly, is there something that I can do to make me feel better about myself and my new status?  My answer is YES!  I am challenged with special needs – and these photos help defy the status quo image of individuals with disabilities.

It was difficult.  It required instruction.  It incorporated tons of patience.  And, it got done – with excellence!  

Quinton Wallace is the extraordinary photographer who hosted my session. Click Photography on Q to see more and request a session.  The artistry of his work is dynamic and invigorating as captured in landscapes, wildlife, portraits, and events.
Those who know me well know that I am finicky;  I hold high standards; and I prefer a definitive unique quality in everything (furniture, clothing, music, skill, etc.).  Photography on Q unequivocally meets all of these expectations.  Call Quinton if you desire stunning pieces to grace your walls, to create a portfolio/catalog, or to capture special moments.  I am certain that you will be pleased.

Be the best versions of your unique self – in part or in whole – and be glorious!  Get going now!

#photographyonq   #modeling   #ADA
FYI: Clinique makeup used for these pics


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