Funky crusty feet are not a sexy look!  Try a detox…

You are aware that your feet support you in nearly everything you do, right?  So why is so little attention provided????  Crusty heels, toe jam, athlete’s feet (code name for fungus), and cornchip odors are hallmark indicators of funky feet.  Hopefully, you don’t fall into that ownership category😷.
Like basic hygiene, including foot care, wellness is a choice that we make – and it must be practiced daily.  Decisions made in every moment of every day help determine how we feel.  Choosing nutritious meals vs. fast food; choosing to receive criticism constructively vs. feeling defensive;  choosing to learn valuable lessons from poor decisions vs. repeating the same old mistakes; or choosing to cultivate a new skill vs. accepting limited abilities are all a part of proactive living.  Investments in our health are long-term strategies for wellness.
Today, a foot detox bath was tried.  Adventure and curiosity are inherent traits to this writer, and a new experience, for the sake of wellness, is always game…  The concept of healing in this manner is founded on the base of using negative ionic charges.  A specialized coil pack is placed in the foot bath to create negative ion charges in the water.  Feet are immersed in the ionized water and the skin – especially that on the soles of the feet – becomes the transdermal (i.e. across the skin) barrier for wastes to be expelled.  It is proposed that negative ions in the water will attract – and pull – toxic waste particles in the body that hold a positive charge.  As the wastes are drawn into the water, a variety of colors and/or particles may appear in the foot bath.  The water’s consistency at the close of the session represents various systems of the body that are being detoxified.  See this CHART for more details.
Orange-brown was the color seen today.  It represents a detoxification of joints and/or muscles.  Since muscular issues are a current challenge, thanks is given for anything that may offer relief.  Personal acquaintances have also noted a variety of experiences concerning their individual sessions over the years.  Reported results have included everything from dark brown water with frothy residues to yellow tints with red flecks.  The differences in each detox represents the various systems of the body being impacted or different particles being removed.  
Human bodies are similar in the fundamental composition from person-to-person.  On the contrary, unique experiences exist for each individual in light of genetic expression, environmental influences, and subjective perceptions.  Wellness planning must be customized with respect to each individual’s set of circumstances and needs.  No cookie-cutter plan (or cure-all pill) will address every individuals’ health needs.  A good wellness coach will acknowledge that fact, consult, and act accordingly.
For those folks seeking alternative health and wellness options, consider a foot detox as part of you plan.  For those seeking a wellness coach certification, CLICK HERE, and select opportunity to start the process.  Get going now!  Funky, crusty feet are not a sexy look… And your health is important.
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