Tue. Touch: What’s in Your Secret Stash

Since youth, I can remember older family members (and parents of friends) having a secret stash – a stash that every child finds at some point.  Our adolescent excavations produced discoveries from neurotic medicinals to erotic non-traditionals.  We would wonder and revel at things like Prozac, marijuana ‘roaches,’ imported/expensive wines, coin collections, wigs, dentures in dishes, and jumping vaginas!  Needless to say, these were highlights of the tween years!
So the question is: ss an adult, what do you store in your secret stash??? I happened to be pilfering through mine, and decided that I’d post the contents of my treasure trove (of sorts) and ask you to share yours.  Here we go:

  • An assortment of marijuana – from drops to ground buds (for medicinal use)
  • A North American quarter collection that includes recent mottos and memorabilia of the 50 states
  • My favorite soaps that I share with family members or guests in the powder room supply
  • The ‘special night’ lingerie that hasn’t seen daylight since it was purchased

Share a secret so we can know each other a bit better & have a few giggles… Add a comment about something in your secret stash😜  Get going now! Peace and love to you.


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