Fri. Flirt: Explore new territories & keep your relationship fresh

That advice can be taken a couple different ways… The body is a terrain that many explore with limits.  Creativity with nooks & cranies (like knees, elbows, and ankles) can be erotic and fun if you’re willing to kiss, tickle, tie, caress, paint, or whatever else comes to mind!  I think you get the idea…

What was really considered as new terrain in this context is the idea of traveling with your beloved.  Exploring new states, countries, continents, and cultures is an adventure.  It stimulates so much more than the body.  New and exciting fragrances, foods, museums, music, arts, activities, sleeping quarters, people, etc. can provoke new ideas, conversations, interests and plans that may not have ever been sparked under your ordinary circumstances.  Build a stronger relationship with your beloved by creating unique and long-lasting memories.

Some of my favorites places have been the Caribbean.  White sands, warm sun, and lapis blue waters are well appreciated. International travel is always an exciting option in my opinion!  Fabulous domestic trips can also be planned to meet all kinds of interests: social giving, amusement parks, outdoor activities, spa & lifestyle retreats, extraordinary natural wonders and more.  Get going now… See the world! Call your local travel agency or independent travel agent to book a great trip for you this year.  You and your sweetie deserve some fun.
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