Mon. Minder: It’s National Housekeepers Week.  Give thanks to folks who create clean spaces!

Didn’t someone say, “cleanliness is next to Godliness”?  In my opinion, cleanliness equals comfort.  Dirt, germs, and clutter are NOT companions!  While each serves a purpose for growth, immune function, and a part of creativity, respectively, messiness can be a hindrance.

Housekeepers (at home or in the workplace) help create comfort. Fresh scents, crisp linens, and clean spaces/surfaces are a great foundation for everything we do. Our external environments influence our internal environments (i.e. thoughts and emotions) and vice versa.  So, get going now!  Clean your spaces to create a physical representation of new and fresh things in your life. Remeber to thank the housekeepers (e.g. mom, cleaning company, hotel staff, garbage collector, etc.) who make the basics of comfort possible. Acknowledging everyone’s contribution is a worthy endeavor.

NOTE: Great cleaning products are Awesome Oxygen Orange (stain removal & whitening), Tea Tree Oil (antiseptic & antiviral), Gain laundry detergent (fragrance)

#cleaning #goodhousekeeping #AwesomeOxygenOrange #Melaleuca


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