Fri. Flirt: Feed your sweetie an erotic meal & be intimate

Have you thought about how intimate eating is? It is a process of selecting foods that you enjoy so that they may be savored.  The act of placing something in your mouth is also very delicate: ensuring taste, texture, smell, visual appeal, and temperature are all in agreement to be received. 
Eating is normally active engagement by the person feeding him- or herself. Being fed is a passive act; an act of receiving food that has been selected for you.  Trusting the person feeding you is paramount.  That other individual is responsible for selecting what you will savor.  Certainly concerns about cleanliness, preparation, and intent are considered.  Eating is an intimate act.

Build more intimacy with your sweetie by feeding him or her a tantalizing meal. Wanna make it a more erotic/exotic? Change the ambiance with low light, burning candles, plush pillows, and a mild fragrance in the air.  A ‘come-hither’ attire is always a nice flair for a sensual experience!  Friuts, chocolates, small morsels, and wine are a great way to begin.  Eat up and love your love tonight🍓👄

#love #relationships #food #intimacy

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