Wed. Work: Work hard; play hard. Loving what you do makes it easy!

Too many folks wake up in drudgery. There’s a loathing present when it’s time to go to work. Disengagement with the work purpose and/or process bring dissatisfaction.  Did you know that you can change that experience?  Enjoy the work you perform and take a step toward greater  satisfaction.  It’s easier to get to that place when you honor yourself: your passions, your pleasures, your hobbies, and your core values.

If exotic cars (your passion), driving fast (your pleasure), immaculate car care (your hobby), and earning big dollars (your value) are the things that move you in a special way, why not sell exotic cars or work at a manufacturing company that makes the car of your dreams?  Having a job that you love doesn’t seem that distant after all, does it?  You can work hard and play hard – at the same time.  Being a bit unorthodox may be the key to happiness…  Think outside the box.

A more personal example is based on my introspection.  My passion(s) are wellness and travel.  My pleasure is helping people achieve a greater sense of personal success. My hobby is travel; and one of my core values is self-sufficiency.  Hence, my ideal career was working as a licensed massage therapist.  This path opened once I decided to leave the drudgery of my banking/finance career.  Life has offered significant changes, so massage therapy has become difficult.  I am aware, however, that options are limitless.  I’d like you to be aware of your boundless options too!  We simply need to look at our set of circumstances and resources, and seek new ways to combine our passions, pleasures, hobbies, and values.  This innate creativity that we own individually allows each of us to design a world that is meaningful and pleasurable for us.  When you work harder to make that happen, you can play more as you prosper!

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