Tue. Touch: Catnip can cause frenzy & help cure insomnia

Had a text dialogue with a friend today. He mentioned that he didn’t sleep well – and his normal remedy (watching a political network until slumber settles) just didn’t work.

Did some quick research in my handy-dandy book, “Herbally Yours,” and found the list of herbs (seen in this post’s image) that are great to use for addressing insomnia, a condition that is often caused or exacerbated by stress.  Catnip is one of those herbs.
When the information was shared with my friend, he responded that the herb was rumored to make cat’s crazy.  I agreed based on the frenzy I had witnessed my cats when their catnip-filled toys were presented. The antics were hilarious!  My friend sent a droll text reply that my remarks were all the more reason not to try catnip…
Those of us who favor natural health remedies often find challenges from those who are not familiar. This scenario is a prime example  For those who are not aware, most pharmaceutical drugs are a synthetic version of natural herbs, roots, flowers and the like – mass manufactured for the populations.  What’s not as quickly considered are the side-effects of unnatural pharmaceutical products.  Natural medicine poses less conflict on the body overall.  My response read as follows:
“you’re not a cat. the effect on the system is different. same way women shouldn’t take saw palmetto for reproductive health but men can.

Our bodies may be fundamentally the same however each constitution varies with hormones, electrical charges, dysfunctioin or function of body systems, etc”
Know your body.  Seek more knowledge to appreciate and heal yourself (and others).  Let’s be better together… and get going now!
#nauralremedies #insomnia #evolvingwellnesscenter


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