Sun. Spirit: It is Time. Where Do Today’s Prophets Go To Give Words of Warning?

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Cassandra, my name, meand prophetess of destruction in whom no one believes. Coincidentally, I do dream of things that come to pass. It is a gift of vision – one that could benefit many with a proper platform for expression.
Where do our seers/prophets go to share a meaningful word that has been given of God?  To dream of large scale events: a massive spiritual death and purging of the human race (with an opportunity for cleansing before obliteration); a new civil order under forced government selection & subjugation; a large-scale death of our youth via depraved minds, sexual perversion, and war are some of the events of which I dream.  At this time, I am clear about the need to share these visions NOW.  But where do today’s prophets go to give words of warning?  
The Holy Spirit is not silent.  Voice is present, and those who are so inclined to listen will hear.  This is a war cry.  This time of battle is a time of transition.  Those who are spiritually dead shall be lost; many carnal deaths will result.  In the midst, a remnant will remain.  It is time for those who are gifted in sight to come together for clarity, confirmation, and direction now. Work must be done.  Email with ideas. Peace & love to all.  

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