Thu. Think: Reinvent Yourself Daily for Success

A 1-minute read…

Creatures rise at the new dawn and live fearlessly.  Their basic needs (i.e. food, safety, and procreation) are met daily, with routine action and little thought. Imagine how much greater our lives can be with just a bit more planning!
We have the ability to assess our environment, adapt to it, and evolve – at will.  We can choose to live differently at nearly any stage of life. Do you want something different for yourself?  Then, choose to be a new creature… a better version of yourself, every day.  We can learn to enjoy what we have or become a change agent/advocate for the new things we desire in life.  Reinvent yourself each day.  Remember, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.  Make small meaningful changes each day and watch the new you evolve.
Reinventing yourself  can be a commitment to body shaping – start by drinking one less soda per day. Reinventing yourself can be an attitude change – focus on the positive aspects of a situation (optimism), instead of the negative ones (pessimism).  Reinventing yourself can be a renewed relationship with money – learn to appreciate discipline in saving money to make purchases versus borrowing money (and acquiring debt) via credit cards and loans.

Today is fresh.  What step will you take to begin walking in your new destiny?  As a writer and aspiring motivational speaker, this post is my step for the day.  Be your truth!  Live fearlessly like our creature-friends who rise at dawn and conquer the day. 

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