Tue. Touch: Hydro – It Gives a Different Kind of Boost (1-min read)

So, I bet a few folks thought this post was about hydroponic growth of herbs. GOTCHA!! Although that topic is very interesting [and may be covered another time], this post is about hydro-, the Greek root word for water, and all of its supreme benefits for our bodies. See below.  

Water is used:

  • To Cleanse – routine bathing is needed for skin care & hygiene 
  • To Hydrate – water absorption is used for various chemical processes in the body
  • To Detoxify – the flushing of wastes from body systems
  • To Regulate Temperature – aided by our sweat glands… another reason to bathešŸ˜œ
  • To Reduce Inflammation – use cold water applications like ice or a cool compress to prompt artery constriction & slow blood flow to an area
  • To Increase Blood Circulation – use hot/warm applications like steam or heating pads to open arteries and allow more blood to flow to an area
  • To Exercise – water resistance in a pool or other body of water can be a great exercise option for those who experience moderate to severe pain; stretches & strengthening can be achieved, and little-to-no impact is felt during a workout 
  • To Calm – the sound and/or feel of moving water can soothe the mind and the body of stress

Employ regular practices of all these activities, and see how much better you look and feel!  Beauty is a ritual – inside and out.

Picture complimentary of Pixaby.com

#hydrotherapy #recovery #health #wellness #boditalkmassage


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