Sun. Spirit: What’s Gotta Squeeze on Your Wallet (or Attitude)???

A 2-minute read for today.

INVESTMENTS: Investments are actions taken to provide a profitable return/reward (ex. income, interest, or added value).  Financial loans are a great example. Money is offered for a set amount. Repayment is expected by a specific time.  The incentive to the lender is an added cost of interest, generally 10% or more of the face value of the loan, that is repaid in addition to the loaned amount.

DEBT: Debt is something owed to another.  The responsibility of owing a debt can build trustworthiness or create grief, depending on how the resource is managed.  Timely payments are regarded favorably. An unwillingness or an inability to repay a debt is generally construed as having poor character or poor credibility.

Were you aware that “God gives us so much of some things that we are able to give our excess to others… time, money, love, real estate, knowledge… If you gave something (or perhaps it was taken from you), and you feel a debt is owed, be willing to pardon it. Permit someone else to grow from what they received.  Forgiving the debt will remove your angst and allow you to grow.” ~ Blueprint

Don’t let debts put a squeeze on your wallet or your attitude.  Consider your investments in people, places, and things as deposits into a universal bank.  Let go of any repayments you think are owed to you.  Forgive the debt (or transgression).  The return will be magnified far beyond your imagination!  

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