Sat. Solace: Mysterious Disappearances Might be Simple Magic or Sanity Savers

Run!  Something crazy is happening, and you need to get out of there – NOW!

Sometimes leaving a situation is the best thing you can do.  It’s true: absence can make the heart grow fonder.  But when do you have time to get away?  The responsibilities of work, home, and other places can leave us feeling overwhelmed or drained.  We all need a break to refresh and rejuvenate.  Too much of a good thing can be gluttonous (think binge eating on chocolate cake), and too much of a bad thing can be taxing (like the drain of a 70-hour work week).  Learning how to strike a healthy balance is the key to reducing stress – and saving your sanity. So how do you do that with little time or little money???? Glad you asked…

  1. Stay-cations: Vacations near home are great options.  If your budget can’t accommodate the Bahamas, a weekend stay at a posh hotel can be refreshing.  Be sure to pick a spot that offers amenities you enjoy (ex. pool, fitness center, local restaurants, etc.).  Sheraton hotels are one of my favorites. I love the jacuzzi tubs!
  2. Park Excursions: Trail walks, reading books on a bench, or lunch at a local rose garden can be a wonderful escape for the outdoorsy types.  Devote an entire day during the middle of the week to experience less of the weekend crowd and more of the tranquility you need.  Bento boxes are a great way to pack lunch.  I found a great one in the seasonal aisle at ACME grocery store.
  3. Ferry Ride: Water is soothing for the body and the mind.  Take a ride on the local ferry to a surrounding town.  Let the waves rock you into a place of calm, and once you reach your destination, have fun exploring local shops on the other side.

Now you have 3 options to create some sanctuary time in your life. These planned mysterious disappearances are the magic we create to save our sanity.  Get going now!

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