Sat. Solace: The Comfortable Silence of Life and Death

Spending this time in a pseudo- remote place, the fringe of suburbia, gives my mind, body, and spirit reprieve.  Here is where I reflect and recharge in the comfotable silence that lounges sleepily around the corners of creeks and farm land.  This place is where I ponder the gestational period before our birth.  The quiet space where trust exists; where all provisions are granted; and where loneliness is never considered (for the concept is unknown and the infinite connection to God and spirit is ever-present).

We were embodied and nurtured independently in an amniotic sac. We were sustained without any effort of our own. We were matured at a timely rate not designated by our thoughts or interventions. We were in a comfortable silence and we grew.  These things are revealed as I sit in silence now – and the unknown continues to unfold in perfect timing.  All one can do is yield to the life or death existing in the moment. 


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