Sun. Spirit: Sun is good for chicken pox. “Daily Light” is excellent for meditation.

Perspective is everything. Duality exists in all things (i.e. good and bad). The we choose to look at a situation – perception – impacts the way we choose to respond to it.  We must train ourselves to look for the fortune & opportunity in EVERY situation.  Getting chicken pox at the age of 20, covered from head to toe, with a fever of 105° for five days gave me a greater appreciation for the sun.  ‘Why?’ you might ask… The warmth of the sun soothed my horrible itching.

“Daily Light” by Bagster & Lotz is an excellent reference for daily meditation. It offers short spiritual insights to help us grow daily. We should be better today than we were yesterday. We should strive to be wiser tomorrow in light of today.  Let light (of knowledge & application) brighten your path as we journey through this life.

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