Mon. Minder: It’s National Safety Month. Don’t swing from the chandeliers or loose a battle w/a latex dress.

Adult life taught me to work hard and play hard. In my 20’s and 30’s, that meant 60-100 weekly hours between FT office hours & FT college attendance and studies.  Raising a family was added to the mix.  Play time was rare, but when available, we went hard: parties, wet and/or jiggly contests, happy hour binges… You get the idea.  Things are slower now. There’s still a desire to tandem jump from a plane, zip-line through the trees, and wear a latex dress (that will cause a certain allergic reaction for me – and probably yoke my arm to my neck while attempting to don), I shall refrain for now. Safety is the focus – and some stuff is just foolish:-) 

#latexdress #safetymonth #adventure


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