Tue. Touch: 1st Impressions – Summer Skin Care

High-noon sun and little water make way for a perfect desert.  This isn’t what we want for our skin.  Hydrate – keep your skin supple by drinking plenty of water.  Exfoliate – remove mature skin cells at the skin’s surface by using reliable products.  I like natural ingredients (ex. sugar, ground almond, loofah); they are great for routine self-care.  Cleanse – create a daily ritual to clean the skin’s pores of oil, debris, and other materials that we encounter during the day.  Knowing your skin type, whether normal, oily, dry, or a combination, is the best approach to creating a good skin care regime.

I’ve tried many products over the years for my highly sensitive skin, that’s normal to oily, and presents large pores in recent years.  I stumbled across Nutrogena’s Deep Clean facial cleanser.  So far, it’s great!  Pores are shrinking; no allergic reaction experienced; and 2 compliments about my skin received in less than 1 week of use… Nutrogena gets two thumbs up from me.  Put your best face forward for Summer 2017.  Skincare is paramount.  It’s the largest organ in our body – and the first impression we make.

Picture courtesy of Pexels.com

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