Disabilities are like Gift Boxes

People come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ability levels.  However, abilities and disabilities may be seen or unseen.  Think of it like gift boxes: some are small, large, heavy, or light.  The package can be wrapped with beautiful paper or it can be drab and messy.  Do you know what’s inside the gift box?  Sometimes you can guess; sometimes you can’t.  I write this post because I have limitations (i.e. disabilities) that can’t be seen by the human eye (ex. brain and nerve function).  They resulted from involvement in an automobile accident.  My frustration comes from the multitude of people who presume I’m o.k. because I look “normal” – whatever that is.

Learning how to manage life with a different point of reference for “normal” is hard. A congenital or acquired  limitation of abilities IS the norm.  So, for some, the once big red, sparkly gift box has morphed into a tiny, oil-stained container.  For others, a small, heavy box might have always existed.  So what does one do with their gift box?  Answer: Spend time and energy discovering and creating the best ways to work, play, and socialize – if any of these things can be done at all.  Rest assured, change is guaranteed.  Diversity is a given.  Adapting to it requires work.  Appreciate your gifts.  We all have special needs.



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