Coffee Snob

Just finished a pretty good therapy appointment with my highly esteemed and much needed chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey West.  Feeling the vibe of the university locale and experience, I decide to get my favorite cherry oat bar from Starbucks – and try a new morning drink.

Against my better judgement, and knowing this brand of coffee is way too strong for my system, I choose a caramel frappe anyway. Why? The thought of it seemed absolutely perfect at the moment… A bucket of endorphins must have been released with today’s adjustment!

So I sip, and I feel like the cultured ’40-is-the-new-30′ woman that I am.  My stomach, however, rolls and flips like the toddler who ate too much sugar at 6:00 p.m.  In this moment I realize that a thin line exists between Starbucks and Starchucks.  This queeziness rolls like the tide. Perhaps I haven’t acquired the taste, like a true connoisseur of the bean.

Trendy has never been my thing. Apparently this coffee snobbery doesn’t suit me well.


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