Subaru Offers Love Advice

“Love, it’s being there when you’re needed most.”  This is the opening statement for an emotional 2017 Subaru commercial.  It touched me more than anything today.

As I strive to be consistent with social media posts, sometimes I fall short.  Laughably, this post was meant for Friday… and it’s gonna appear in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Similar ‘hiccups’ exists as I strive to be consistent in expressing love.

Shortcomings (i.e. flaws, imperfections, challenges, etc.) are a given part of life.  Other parts include strength, fortitude, and resiliency.  All of those traits, lesser or greater, have helped build a solid track record for being there when I’m needed the most – needed to protect, to nurture, to serve, to endure, and to praise those people, places, and things that I love the most.

That Subaru commercial reminded me of riding 400+ miles with a neighbor in the middle of the night to retrieve her distressed grandchildren.  It was the faint whisper of a scared friend calling for comfort after a lover abused her.  Being there resembled the many college campus trips, loading and unloading my cousin’s belongings for a new semester.  A most needed moment is supporting a loved one as they stand trial for criminal charges that are not theirs.  Certainly, love is expressed best when you are there at the very moment when you are needed most.

I failed to mention, I’m a Subaru lover!  The Forester that I owned was the most reliable vehicle that I have ever had – rain, sleet, snow, or shine.  Try one if you never have.


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