Discovering Back Yard Adventures – An Auction House

Routine days normally offer varying gradients of ennui at best.  While work schedules, social events, and a menagerie of tasks usurp untold hours, little adventures can be discovered in unsuspecting places.  Exploring areas and activities that aren’t so far away from our own back yards provide excellent opportunities to enjoy our world.

For those who live or vacation in France, bungee jumping in the Alpes could be a great adventure.  I currently live in the Northeastern region of the United States – and my existing budget has a low threshold.  Subsequently, I’ve learned to appreciate and employ creativity as a means to experience the things I desire and enjoy.  Working as an independent travel agent is one option.  A recent trip to Stoners Auction in Glen Rock, PA, is another.  This adventure was not all-that-far from my back yard.

It’s only fair to give a little background to provide a frame of reference.  I have ALWAYS been enamored with the ideal of attending an elegant auction house, like the ones seen in movies. Stoners Auction was a stark contrast to my long-standing whimsy… My fantasy was clobbered by a very different reality!

The auction building, one that I had once day-dreamed as a metropolitan historical site, was, in truth, a large farm storage located in the midst of a rustic and rural Pennsylvania community.  The anticipation of caviar h’orderves, wine, cheeses, and fruits was substituted with the simplicity of hot dogs, hamburgers, sodas, and fries.  It was blatantly apparent that practicality was paramount.

That same practicality principle witnessed in the building aesthetics and the food selection was equally obvious in the participatory attire: neither pomp nor circumstance was required. What I expected, a business casual attire as the minimal standard, was laughably realized to be a very casual style of jeans, sweaters, and/or gym clothes that was consistent for auctioneers, coordinators, and most attendees.  This was my first auction attendance.  Perhaps demographic dictates etiquette; I don’t know.  With respect to this experience, the locale and the cool climate make practicality a perfectly sensible principle.

As the expectations of grandeur waned, the estate items for sale were also noted.  A different sense of wonder emerged.  I recognized that moment as a single chance to witness the material aspects of someone else’s life (and perhaps gather something meaningful from the remnants).  Any antiquated coin collections, artwork, clothing, home furnishings, etc. were the rare, distinguishable, and one-time memorable items sold at an auction.  Conversely, the new experience, exposure, perspective, and standard of comparison, were the rare, distinguishable, and one-time memorable adventure discovered near my own back yard!

One of the next back yard adventures will be a rodeo…


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