Starting Points – blogs, careers & men

This blog site has been established for nearly 2 years, if memory serves me at all.  In the midst of starting life fresh – with new limitation / abilities – I’m finding my new sense of normal. Many have encouraged me to write.  It’s something I do well.  Writing is something I enjoy… I love it for that matter!  I’m just not sure where to go with it.

So today’s spill: my current interest is a man.  A man who lives nearly 800+ miles from me.  The perceived safety is the distance:  the loose time and space to ask questions without the pressure or awkwardness of a date; sharing an occassional picture or flirty word; non-committment (as I am a recovering committment phobe).  This man is busy.  I am too.  We don’t pry too much into the personal life, just tip-toeing on the fringe of mental seduction.  I like it.

Mystery man and I know one another mildly through an old workplace association.  Our re-connection began with a social platform.  The playful texts and infrequent face-time sessions are good for me.  The obtuse nature of it all pushes me to be a bit more forthcoming; yet I must admit age and wisdom make me more candid and bold as I evolve…  I’ve chuckled at the notion that women become more sexually expressive in their later years.  I’m pretty open, so I dare not swing from a [public] pole or become a video vixen.  The ideas sound exceptionally fun at this stage, but I’m gonna keep my heels on the ground – instead of the air – for now.

Integrity starts with truth to self.  My starting point is honoring the fact that I want a man in my life.  I want romance.  I want fun.  I want work that I enjoy (and that fits my quirkiness).  I want this blog to develop into something money-earning and magnificent – a place people look forward to getting information, laughs, or a resonating thought.  I trust that something alluring and lasting comes in the midst of all of this playful banter.  CHEERS to online searches!


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