Is Teaching the Lecture or the Experience

Learning comes in various fashions: audible, visual, tactile – sensory related in virtually every aspect.  However, I often ponder if effectual learning comes from the classroom or the experience.  I am an advocate for the latter.  As an instructor, and life-long learner, I can say my most valuable learning has been received from the full mind-body-spirit experience: learning how to cook; learning how to receive love; learning how to drive a car; learning how to build a business, etc.

All of the theory in the world is great.  Certainly, it sets a foundation; hopefully, it helps guide through choppy waters.  Overall, experience is my friend.  I’ve had an opportunity to touch, feel, taste, smell, hear, and speak the things that have worked well for me and the things that I choose to avoid.  All of it is wonderful.  All of it has lessons.

Live life boldly.  Be willing to research and analyze.  The preparation makes you more prone to success when opportunities present.  Moreover, be willing to act.  The doing is what moves  you along in life!


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