Is isolation a good thing?

Being detached seems so isolated. On the contrary, it often offers time for reflection. Can you detach – from shopping, social media, TV, family, friends, athletic activities, and the like? Do you feel comfortable in the quietness of solitude? Most people haven’t had the experience. Most people don’t know how to create a place of serenity.

Everything we do is super-sized: food portions, cars & trucks, handbags, job titles, HDTV screens… The list goes on forever. Do those things allow you to stop for a moment and recognize the value in any of it? Moreover, what is that you value? Does your time and energy spent reflect the value in things that are most important to you? These are the questions you can answer in quiet time. Self-exploration is meaningful in isolation. Our children are/were occasionally instructed to sit in “time-out” to think about what they did, and how to improve the circumstances. Why don’t we do that for ourselves?

Meditation is a great way to still the body and quiet the mind. It’s a practice that many have never tried or rarely engage. Make it part of your daily or weekly routine. Learn to settle yourself, and begin to see the greatness in simple things. You will also begin to see the great changes that can be made with little effort. A suggestion for practicing stillness is noted below. Be well!

Stillness Activity: Sit in a quiet, dark room. Light a birthday candle. Secure the candle and allow it to burn. Simply focus on the light of the candle. Strive to place all thought on the flame. Acknowledge, then dismiss any random thoughts that enter the mind. Continue this practice until the candle wick burns in its entirety. The practice may take 2-3 minutes.


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