Energy Work & Healing

As a massage therapist, I practice various modalities for bodywork.  Energy work is one of those modalities.  It is a great way to offer service to those who cannot receive traditional massages due to health conditions like uncontrolled high blood pressure, severe fibromyalgia, or a discomfort with touch.

Energy work serves to stimulate and/or channel the natural energies in our bodies and universe.  Many people don’t understand the concept, so I like to present from a very basic and biological perspective.  The food that we eat is digested and broken down into usable packets of energy that our bodies consume.  The packets of energy are measured in calories.  Our metabolism uses energy.  Chemical processes use energy.  Thinking uses energy.  It’s not an esoteric concept.

Many individuals who work in the world of medicine, alternative medicines, and wellness are familiar with some sort of energy work (ex. Reiki, Healing Touch, etc.).  The practices are used in oncology centers, hospice groups, and gradually integrating into the behavioral health centers.  It is a very relaxing and therapeutic use for the mind and the body.

Learn more  Register using the shopping cart or call to coordinate a workshop.  The interactive classes are a great way to learn & experience the work.


8/10/14 – Dawn Career Institute, 3700 Lancaster Pike, Wilmington, DE 19805 (10a-5p)

8/22/14 – Comfort Inn, Conference Room, 112th Street Bayside, Ocean City, MD (2p-9p) // Additional massage therapists classes available at this site on 8/21/14 and 8/22/14.  Visit for details. 



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