Learning to Self-Publish (Creation – An Expression of Self)

Everyday we should be learning something. I’m a firm believer in that philosophy. I’ve spent most of June – and now half of July – trying to learn the art of self-publishing. It’s been a tiresome experience, yet very rewarding. Createspace.com (affiliated with Amazon.com) gave me great a great first-hand experience with creating.

The publishing task is daunting, especially for a recovering perfectionist, who knows nothing of the process. The task is fulfilling, to have a dream of authorship come to fruition. The task is legendary, to leave a piece of work that will exist beyond what we can concieve.

Creation is always an expression of self, whether it be music, well-prepared feasts, ceramic arts, a flourishing garden, children birthed into this place, or a nail art design at the salon. Our expressions of who we are are so wildly diverse… it’s nothing short of amazing!

This process of self-publishing has worn me out. The last update for Kindle and e-readers went out today. It’s not perfect. I had to come to terms with the formatting (especially after web postings indicate that rarely will you see a proper formatting based on text, reader fonts, size, etc.) My anxiety was quelled a bit. Nonetheless, I feel so gratified and so energized.

New ventures birthed through the publishing process (i.e. this blog site, an inspiration to complete the 10 other books partially drafted, courage to move boldly in the presentation and utilization of a new nonprofit organization, and daring to dream of a really fantastic love relationship). All of this resulting from one purposeful experiment. My prayer is that the same musings and motivations that energize and stabilize me can do the same for someone else.

Life can be challenging. Yet, in all of its disarray, look to see the order and validation of personally defined success. Keeping up with the Jones’ stuff doesn’t matter much anymore


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