Being Obedient

Sometimes I wonder why many have an inherent trait to be stubborn.  Knowing the things that are good for you, yet deliberately delaying the process.

This week, the Divine showed me something phenomenal.  I’ve had slow business, bad weather, a concussion to follow, and more slow business since October 2013.  During the interim, I’ve prayed for a job; done insurmountable applications and resume submission; prayed for guidance; and did more looking.  God’s response: write the book.  After more months, more prayer, and no change, God’s response was still “write the book.”  Finally, in May 2014, I started writing the book…

The book was completed in June 2014; however, no publishing done.  More fervent prayer about my wants and needs… my gratitude for the things still in tact… my feeling hopeless that no change has come.  Did God hear me or care?  Finally, I asked, “Lord, do you care?  I know you don’t have to, but I’m your child and trying to do what I can.  I’m doing what I can in the natural, and waiting for you to do whatever’s needed in the supernatural.”  God’s response: “write the book, and you’ll receive your breakthrough.”

In my lifetime (and the course of my very rich prayer life), I have never received a spiritual response from God about a breakthrough.  Seen it on TV; never had a consideration of ‘breakthroughs’ in my personal life. So, all I could do was wait and see. 

“Blueprint” was published on July 8, 2014.  Remarkably, I’ve had three interviews within the past two days!  Every discussion appeared to be very promising… And I’m still prayerful that everything works in its divine order to create progress for me and others.

Lesson: Listen to the Divine speak to you (I have no compunction about name calling, whether you choose the term inner voice, Holy Spirit, intuition, etc.).  I’ve been raised in the Christian faith; yet, I believe true spirituality transcends dogmatic rituals.  I believe my creator is higher than me, for there is much of this world that I don’t understand.  Learning to listen to spirit-guided messages has been a daily practice.  Being obedient has been a task to master;-)


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