SPICES of Life

SPICES was an acronym that I learned in a behavioral science class.  I love it because it helps me evaluate the aspects of my life (weekly assessment is my goal).  The letters represent various aspects of our daily living: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Career/Education, Emotional, and Spiritual.  Most of us experience these tangents of life regularly.  It’s nice to take an occasional inventory to see how pleased you are with the respective groups.  If nothing else, be conscious that they are always present – whether actively engaged or not.

Today was definitely a social day.  Cleaning the house wasn’t accomplished, but I did go to the theater to see the new Transformers movie with a friend.  The sun was beautiful; the temperature was comfortable; and the leisure time was welcomed.  The movie gave me a chance to loose myself in a technological fantasy… and vicariously release some aggression at the same time;-)  Graphics were great too!

In retrospect, my activities were a social and emotional experience.  It felt great to relax with a friend: feeling connected – and uniquely isolated in the darkness of the theater.  All of it was satisfying.  As an entrepreneur, I ensure that I devote at least 30 minutes of work time on my casual day.  Today was that day, and 60 minutes were spent on a promotional flyer for massage work.  Praying it’s worth the time.  

Tip: Read Dale Carnegie’s book, “How to Win Friends & Influence People.” It’s great to help strengthen your social skills and social circle.  


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