Business – Flexibility

Today was set-aside to write.  Business has been horribly slow with clients, so I set out for a doctor’s appointment and a breakfast meeting with a colleague.  She texts to advise her client confirmed and can’t meet me…  Okay, time to change plans.  I still have breakfast and receive a call from another colleague.  We discuss programming for a non-profit organization that I registered (Evolving Wellness Center) this month; and, divine guidance has it that we can use our respective available time today to meet.

Great things are happening in a such a short period of time!  That’s when I know I’m moving in the flow of what’s designed for me.  The gentleman and I meet at a PAL community center where I’ve proposed to host a youth outreach program.  The site director is in agreement; my caterer colleague is excited about the commercial kitchen – and happy to support the cause; and I’m astounded at the speed in which everything happens.  Nothing planned, yet perfectly placed for a goal today.

I see divine order in this day.  Yielding my will opens doors to so many more opportunities and experiences.  This blog is proof: not intended for the day, yet it exists.  Now, back to publishing my first book, “Blueprint.”  Keep your eyes open for all kinds of stuff… Life is limitless!  Being flexible helps us stretch, move, and prepare for the next phase.



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